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Observations on urban growth - Strappa, Giuseppe - Milano : Franco Angeli, 2018.Monograph
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Franco Angeli
Strappa, Giuseppe

Observations on urban growth

Milano : Franco Angeli, 2018.
ID: 4327908
Permalink: http://digital.casalini.it/9788891767332
ISBN: 9788891767332
  • 211 p. : ill.
  • This book compares a number of essays on urban growth that examine case studies located in various different geographic areas. It is not just a comparison of urban samples. What interests the editor is to compare interpretational models derived from experience that come under the umbrella of urban morphology, developed in different cultural contexts that nevertheless share the conviction that the form of a city, even in its most seemingly chaotic incarnations, can be interpreted rationally and contains the seeds of future change. [Publisher's text].
  • Includes bibliographical references.
  • Collected essays.
  • Area planning (Civic art)DDC: 711
  • Communities, Classes, RacesLCC: HT
  • Cities and towns -- Growth
  • City planning
Sample PageObservations on urban growth - [Strappa, Giuseppe] - [Milano : Franco Angeli, 2018.]
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Franco Angeli
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Observations on urban growth
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